We provide a complete range of services beginning with:

• Written designs of mechanical systems
• Written design of electrical control systems
• Design of automation control software (PLC) and the user interface (HMI)
• Fabrication and the assembling of the parts
• Hardening, anodizing, Nickel plating, Zinc plating, and painting
• Assembling the mechanical parts, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems and specialty tools
• Assembling the electric systems and connecting the electrical wire to the electrical control panel
• Delivery and installation to working order


Robotics is another type of machinery that is designed to handle various processes of production in an industry. It can replace human labor or can assist in the production process, integrating with human labor. There are many types of robotic machines and they are designed according to the job function. Robotics add stability to a factory’s production processes as it increases accuracy, consistency and quality. Robotics machinery operate with precision and efficiency, speeding up production and preventing unnecessary waste of materials. Robotics is an important tool for manufactures that require precision.

Our Portfolio

The pictures above are examples of Articulate Robots otherwise known as mechanical arms. You can see the structure is designed to mimic human movement. These robotic machines were designed to grasp or clasp work pieces in the production process. Presently, these types of robotics have abilities that exceed merely handling work pieces. They are also used for welding, moving, painting, and assembling pieces. Some facilities have developed robotics to operate in tandem with machining as well. The benefits of using robotics in lieu of human labor is as follows:

  • Robotics are precise and accurate
  • Robotics can perform repetitive processes better
  • Robotic can be modified for a variety of work processes
  • Robotics can be used in a variety of environments

Our affiliate list NACHI, ABB, URrobot, DENSO