AGVs Automated guided vehicle

When your workforce can’t perform at the desired standard and damage occurs during the handling of warehouse materials, the choice to use robotics to replace human labor is a great option available in these current times.
AGV’s is an automated materials handling system that can operate in multiples ways, using QR code, laser lights and magnetic strips to navigate and track. AGV’s can lift and transport a variety of materials, supporting 500-3,000 kilograms in weight. It is battery operated and and will automatically return to the charging station when not in use. It can operate safely using sensors to work around objects and people. It’s suitable for use in warehouses where personnel are present.

Main features:

  • Safe to operate around personnel
  • Capable to support up to 3,000 kilograms of weight
  • Able to operate for 8 hours on a single charge
  • Environmentally friendly

We are the distributors and service providers for the CASUN brand of AGV products. CASUN manufactures a variety of high quality products, as well as supplies parts and maintenance for AGV systems.

ชนิดของระบบ AGV

  • Tunnel AGV (Unidirectional Tunnel, Bi Direction tunnel)
  • Tuggle AGV (Unidirectional Tuggle, Omni Direction lifting Tuggle)
  • Laser guided forklift
  • Laser guided roller conveyor AGV
  • SLAM AGV Nation navigation AGV